Engineering the news

Harry Mottram of Bournemouth University

Research by Harry Mottram, on work placement from Bournemouth University with Deep South Media, found that the vast majority of surveyed engineering firms in Dorset squander opportunities to make their website news section an effective selling tool.

A business’s news section is an integral part of a company’s marketing armory.

Yet few fill it with meaningful content, showcasing their products and expertise to a global audience.

Deep South Media, the regional specialist in multi-media content, found that nearly three-quarters of engineering companies surveyed did not have adequate news and updates sections on their websites.

Of the 25 engineering companies, less than a third had adequate provision.

The figure is surprising because contemporary and frequently updated websites are integral to a company’s business development.

For example, one particular Dorset engineering firm used their news section to announce a job vacancy, therefore helping the company to acquire more staff.

Having a busy, informative news section permits businesses to update customers and potential customers on latest developments, news releases and award nominations.

It is authoritative content which creates a positive public image for the company and helps attract new business as well as potential employees.

A strong news section may also attract the interest of potential shareholders and investors. Suppliers, too, can be kept informed with new contracts at the click of a button.

Conversely, 64% engineering companies in Dorset either had no news section at all, or laboured with a neglected news section where the last updates were posted more than two years ago.

This sends out a negative impression when contrasted with companies that post at least twice a month to keep up website visitors informed.

Online visibility is also an integral tool in generating new business for a company; having a frequently posted and well written news section allows companies to appear higher on search engines such as Google, therefore increasing potential views from businesses, employees and investors.

Engineering is also something to be proud of, to shout about.

It is a vital part of British industry; the Engineering UK Report in 2017 finding that engineering alone contributed to 26% of the UK’s GDP.

It also highlighted how recruitment in engineering is creating a multiplying effect in terms of employment in Great Britain; every extra person in engineering supports another 1.74 other jobs.

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