Who you gonna call? Parley First School

Parley First School teacher Austyn Brown in his Ghostbusters car with his class 3B and two colleagues

Parley First School teacher Austyn Brown in his Ghostbusters car with his class 3B and two colleagues

Children at Parley First School in Dorset got an end-of-year treat when class teacher Austyn Brown parked his Ghostbusters car in the playground.

It is an exact replica of the Ectomobile that starred in the 1984 film, which had a cast including Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

The Ghostbusters-obsessed teacher has spent a decade adapting the 22ft-long 1963 Cadillac Superior ambulance.

‘Ecto-1’ is screen accurate and has all the gadgets and ghostbusting equipment that made the original movie such a worldwide hit – and the children loved it.

Austyn impressed his class further when he recently appeared as an extra in the new Ghostbusters franchise film Frozen Empire.

His passion for the film has inspired much in the school – including song writing -and has given the children confidence to take on acting roles.

Parley First School teacher Austyn Brown in his Ghostbusters car

He said: “I started collecting pieces for the car a decade ago and brought this over from America four years ago.

“Everything is as accurate as I can make it and some of the parts were extremely difficult to find.

“I watched the original film when I was four – a couple of years after it was released. I remember I couldn’t sleep and my parents let me stay up and watch the it with them.

“Ever since I have been obsessed with it and have always wanted my own Ghostbusters car – so I made one.

“The children have been brilliant this year so as a treat I brought it into school and every class came and had a look around it.

“I was surprised how many were aware of the original film, especially considering that many of their parents weren’t born when it was released.

“Because I am such a fan I got a part as an extra in the recent Ghostbusters film and the children thought that was really cool.”

Parley First School is part of the Castleman Academy Trust and the school’s headteacher John Bagwell said: “This will be a day that the children don’t forget in a while.

“It is typical of staff in all our schools who go above and beyond to make sure the children get the best all-round education.

“If any parents are thinking about where to send their children – they know who to call.”



Notes to editors:

The Trust is named after Charles Castleman – local resident and solicitor – responsible for the train line that connected Dorset to the local and wider rail network. Our schools are all centred around the old trainline route.

It was set up so that schools have autonomy and support, but also a responsibility to support other schools in the Trust to be the best they can be.

The strapline, ‘Children First, Always’, leads decision making – whatever it does has to be the best for the children and their communities.

It has five schools – Ferndown First, Ferndown Middle, Parley First, Broadstone First, Broadstone Middle.

There is a strong commitment to vulnerable and SEND learners – there are four Resourced Bases across the five schools with plans to develop this further.

All schools are committed to a broad and balanced curriculum – sport, the arts, music, drama – considered vital to excellent learning.