Driven by you

How do you choose which PR strategy is best? In house or outsourced? If outsourced do you want a one man band or an established agency? Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Ready for the rebound: six essential steps to boost your post-Covid PR

The world has changed. In just a few short months, the Covid pandemic has affected all parts of society and gripped business activity by the throat.  Before Covid, we had begun 2020 keeping an eye on the new government, expressing concern over Australian wildfires, preparing for the Budget and the next phase of Brexit, and sorting out arrangements for the … Read More

Is it worth hosting the Olympic Games?

To celebrate our third season partnering with AFC Business, the commercial arm of Premier League club AFC Bournemouth, we’ve been writing about the relationship between business and sport. We’ve looked at the benefits of business sponsorship and how the support of companies helps youth sport in particular. In the final post of our series, Gemma Thorne from Bournemouth University (far … Read More

Media coverage a sure bet

A story by Deep South Media on behalf of its client Ellis Jones Solicitors launched an issue into the public conscience – problem gambling. The law firm claimed back 89 per cent of a problem gambler’s losses – more than £100,000 – from a national operator.

Powering a greener revolution

Deep South Media has been guiding a number of its clients into the news, raising their profiles and showing how they are becoming greener – helping the UK forge ahead of other nations.

Asia becomes latest host to English bell ringing

The first English ‘ring of bells’ in Asia has been hung and rung as the unique art form continues to spread around the globe. There now hangs in St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral in Singapore a ‘ring of 12’ that is tuned and hung to be used in the full-circle change-ringing style.