Enter the Dragon

Ditfor and Kathy Lieng who run the Dragon Palace, and Colt Stretton from landlords DWP Housing Partnership

The popular Dragon Palace Chinese restaurant in Christchurch has signed a new lease with landlords DWP Housing Partnership.

It has been run since 1998 by Ditfor and Kathy Lieng and there had been rumours of it closing.

However, DWP Housing Partnership has extended the lease until 2024, taking it past its 25th anniversary.

The restaurant is open from 4.30pm to 10pm and includes an ‘eat as much as you can’ offer as well as a booming take-away service.

Kathy Lieng said: “We are extremely pleased to have a new lease because we have many loyal customers who had heard rumours about us closing.

“We will be staying open and want to let everyone know so that they can come for a meal or order a take-away.

“Our landlords have been very supportive and we will continue to offer authentic Chinese cuisine.”

Colt Stretton from DWP Housing Partnership said: “While there has been a planning application for the wider site we have no intention of developing any time soon.

“The Dragon Palace has been an excellent tenant over the years and the restaurant is one that everyone knows, even if they haven’t eaten there.

“It is in a prominent position on Barrack Road and most local people locally will have driven past it.

“It has been there for more than 20 years and Ditfor and Kathy have developed a loyal customer base.”

Ditfor and Kathy Lieng who run the Dragon Palace in Chistchurch