Business makes a beeline for BuzzHire

Graeme Lewis (left) managing director of BuzzHire the new tech-based recruitment platform, with his team.

A staffing tech platform is capitalising on London’s hospitality and delivery sectors’ return to normality and is seeing a surge in growth.

BuzzHire places power in the hands of the workers and is set to revolutionise on-demand gig-employment.

The award-winning tech start-up was purchased to be a part of Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) – chaired by Tony Berry, former head of Blue Arrow and Manpower.

Ian Langley, chairman of STEM staffing giant Airswift Global and a deputy chairman of BRG, was behind the tie-up.

BuzzHire has seen a £3m investment since its inception and already has 100,000 registered BuzzWorkers and 5,000 clients on board, with more of both signing up each day.

Experienced industry expert Graeme Lewis has been appointed managing director of the business that has a 90 per cent last minute shift-fulfilment rate and is already in profit.

Ian said: “BuzzHire is an app that matches open shifts with available BuzzWorkers with incredible ease.

“It hands power to the BuzzWorkers who can pick and choose their shifts with top London restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and at major events.

“It provides ultimate flexibility to companies looking to fill shifts due to surging demand in their dynamic businesses.

“It’s an instant on-demand service that is extremely easy to use via the intuitive Buzzhire app.

“Importantly, this isn’t self-employment; BuzzWorkers earn sick and holiday pay.

“A dynamic pricing structure using machine learning means the market influences wages that are paid weekly.

“It’s worth noting the starting point is never less than the minimum wage and usually far higher.

“BuzzHire has attracted an astonishing mix of candidates, many using the platform to supplement their day job salaries.

“We have resting actors and trainee barristers as well as other professionals and a legion of experienced hospitality workers.

“Some workers will take a shift on Thursday night to pay for their Friday night out or a series of supplementary shifts to pay for holidays or other major purchases.

“Students also find the platform useful to find flexible gigs that will work around lectures and their busy social lives.

“Unlike many tech start-ups Buzzhire is financially strong and supported by a commercially stable group that expects profitable turnover of around £70m this year.

“We were attracted to BuzzHire by the amazing functionality, which we are further developing.

“We believe we will have the most digitally advanced ‘at scale’ staffing platform in the UK.”