Can you stand the heat in the People’s Kitchen?

Bournemouth Food & Drink Festival will be filling the town with mouthwatering smells between June 16-25 and among the many attractions will be the chance to see the town’s Mayor, the Editor of the Echo and even an MP, battling it out in the People’s Kitchen. Hosted by professional chefs Des Burke and Andy Chu, the People’s Kitchen promises a … Read More

Bournemouth ice cream maker claims Italy has Ireland ‘licked’

As Irish and Italian footie fans prepare for their Euro showdown, a Bournemouth ice cream maker is offering them the perfect way to ‘lick’ the opposition. Luigi ‘Giggi’ Bray – owner of Giggi’s Gelateria, has created ice creams inspired by the two nations’ flags and is selling them from his Bournemouth Food & Drink Festival stand in the town’s main … Read More