Lucy’s cyber success

A university student has been offered the possibility of a job in one of the country’s leading cyber security companies after impressing bosses during a work placement. Lucy Dalley spent a year with C3IA Solutions in Poole, Dorset, between the second and third year of her Cyber Security Management degree at Bournemouth University.

Turing decision is ‘on the money’

Alan Turing becoming the face of the new £50 note is the perfect choice, according to a leading cyber security company. Matt Horan, security director of C3IA Solutions, said that the mathematician, computer scientist and cryptanalyst had been unfairly maligned because of his sexuality.

Pass the word

A leading cyber-security company is warning people to choose their passwords carefully after research showed how obvious many are. C3IA Solutions, based in Poole, Dorset, says businesses particularly are failing to understand the importance of protecting their information.

Good Directors Prepare for Rules

Leading cyber-security firm C3IA Solutions is warning businesses that GDPR has not gone away – and rulings and fines are expected soon.

Virtual assistants – friends or foe?

Virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home are ordering goods online automatically and without their owners’ knowledge after listening in to conversations. With Christmas approaching and people discussing what presents to buy, cyber-security experts are warning families to be on their guard. Matt Horan, security director of leading cyber-security company C3IA Solutions, said he had come across examples of the devices making unwanted purchases.

Bug’s life

Secret listening devices and cameras are becoming more common and harder to locate due to the increasing sophistication of technology, according to a leading cyber security company. C3IA Solutions said that devices which cost just a few pounds to buy require kit worth upwards of £10,000 to locate.

Soldier’s dream is coming true

A British soldier’s dream of building an IT suite in his penniless home village in Ghana is a step closer after work began on the project. Sony Assuon, a Lance Corporal in the Royal Corps of Signals, has so far raised around £9,000 – a quarter of the total needed.

C3IA Solutions in major recruitment coup

One of the country’s leading cyber security companies based in Dorset has appointed a former army major to its ranks. Gethin Thomas has joined C3IA Solutions after more than 30 years’ service with the Royal Corps of Signals.