Help for Mark’s 1,000 mile challenge

Aldo Kane, Mark Bowra and Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox. Mark who suffered a major stroke is covering 1,000 miles for his foundation.


Former special forces hero Mark Bowra MBE who was left debilitated after a major stroke called on two well-known former colleagues to help him with a charity challenge.

Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox from TV’s SAS Who Dares Wins and adventurer Aldo Kane yomped with Mark along the Purbeck coast in Dorset for ‘The Bowra 1000 Challenge’.

Mark, 46, from Poole, was told in 2014 that he’d never walk again, but after a year in hospital proved the experts wrong.

After Covid-19 ended his plan to cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End via the Three Peaks he decided to cover 1,000 miles from home.

And with help from former colleagues and even ex F1 star Mark Webber he is well on his way to completing the challenge for his Bowra Foundation.

His latest trek took him along the coast via Old Harry Rocks and down to Studland.

Prior to his stroke in 2014 Mark, a Lieutenant Colonel, was at the pinnacle of his career and a decorated special forces officer.

In 2016 and 2017 he won swimming medals at the Invictus Games and then set up his foundation.

Mark said: “Recovering from a stroke is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My experience in the military has helped me so much.

“I want to complete this challenge to demonstrate that with courage, determination and cheerfulness in the face of adversity anything is possible.

“Please set your own challenge alongside me and we will tackle it together.”

Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox said: “It was a real pleasure for Aldo and myself to do part of the 1,000 miles with Mark, who has been through some incredibly tough times since his stroke.

“Despite being told he might never walk again he has proven what determination and courage can achieve. He is an inspiring character.”

The Bowra Foundation was launched to inspire resilience amongst people suffering from neurological disorders through practical help and physical challenges alongside members of the armed forces community.



For more information please contact: Viki Mendelssohn, Big Blue PR, 07980744048,

Notes to Editors
About The Bowra Foundation
In 2014, Lt Col Mark Bowra MBE suffered a major stroke. At the pinnacle of his career, he was a decorated officer in UK Special Forces. He had tested himself in some of the most arduous environments. All that changed in a matter of minutes when he suffered a massive stroke whilst driving home from London, which left him hospitalised for over a year.
To be so fit and active one moment and then be so reliant on others the next, truly tested his physical and mental well-being. Mark quickly realised that he could either give in to his condition or take it on as if it was yet another challenge.
Thankfully with the help of his family, friends and some very supportive charities including Help for Heroes, Mark is now back on his feet again with a greater determination to help others who may be similarly affected.
In 2016 and 2017, Mark was selected to take part in the Invictus Games, winning medals in swimming. Since then, he has dedicated himself to helping others. Mark established the Bowra Foundation in 2019, to inspire resilience amongst people suffering from neurological disorders through practical help and physical challenges alongside members of the Armed Forces community. Building on his own experience with rehabilitation after the stroke, Mark devised the Bowra
Bag, a toolkit to aid rehabilitation, communication and independence for people suffering from a range of neurological disorders. The Bowra Foundation works with partners and healthcare practitioners to get Bowra Bags to those who need them at the earliest opportunity.
Mark has been training in anticipation of his greatest challenge yet, to cycle, swim, paddle and walk from John O’Groats to Lands’ End. The Bowra 1000 Challenge was scheduled for May-July 2020 and has been postponed due to the escalating COVID-19 crisis. Mark’s plan is to complete the challenge virtually and bring members of the Armed Forces community and people with neurological disorders along with him via social media.
In doing so he is proving that no barriers need exist to those that are prepared to test themselves. At the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in Sydney in 2018, Prince Harry referred to the spirit that exists amongst the veterans, that makes them so inspirational. He also mentioned that this ‘brothers in arms, never give in’ attitude is something that we can all aspire to.
Mark has now dedicated himself to helping others find their Invictus inner selves, by setting up the Bowra Foundation in which the motto, ‘what’s inside matters’ has never been more appropriate.

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For more information please contact: Viki Mendelssohn, Big Blue PR, 07980744048,

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