Don’t get blogged down

Adding blogs to a website is useful for a variety of reasons – but it often sounds easier than it is.

Blogs – a contraction of the term ‘web log’ – will assist in the site’s search engine optimisation (SEO), helping it climb the Google rankings.

Brand new, never-before-seen copy is something that the mysterious algorithms reward.

Blogs also provide something to push out over a company’s social media channels.

They help keep a site busy and who knows, someone might even read them and be informed or entertained.

So often a business is excellent at starting to write blogs, only to find that within a few months they’ve dried up; the muse has wandered off and, frankly, there are more pressing things to do.

They are the last things on a ‘to-do’ list and are easily kicked into the long grass, for eternity.

But they are well worth the effort – and if you can’t find the time, inspiration or even the language skills then you’re better off finding someone to write them for you.

Those at Deep South Media are former journalists and have spent many years writing stories and content.

A journalist can grasp a concept, idea or trend and turn it into an easily readable story or blog in minutes.

Working hacks can produce up to 30 stories a day of various lengths and complexities.

Doing research is a part of the process and is second nature.

Many companies have benefited from outsourcing their blog writing to Deep South Media – from all sectors and industries, no matter how obscure or niche.

All we require is a quick chat with someone and a bit of research then we can let our fingers dance over the keyboard to produce something unique.

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